By Joseph Luster We've taken off from and landed atop our fair share of aircraft carriers in the past few decades spent with war-inspired video games, but how many of us have actually had to carefully manage said vessels? That's the task at hand in Aircraft Carrier Survival, an indie strategy effort from publisher and developer CreativeForge Games that puts us in a unique position during World War II and, if all goes according to plan, will continue to roll out fresh updates for players around the world. True to its name, Aircraft Carrier Survival has players taking control of all aspects of a WWII aircraft carrier, from the officers and their crew to the planes housed within it and the battles beyond. You'll need to manage fleet resources, decide upon tasks for crew members and officers alike, and handle plenty of damage control as torpedoes strike, fires break out and water breaches the hull. These and other crises may happen all at once in an unpredictable manner, forcing you to make tough decisions and sacrifice individual aspects so you and your crew can live to fight another day. Outside of balancing threats, Aircraft Carrier Survival is primarily a sim based on management and logistics. There is, by the nature of the scenario, a lot going on at any given moment, and not everything about the tutorial is properly in place to prepare you for it all. Some of the scenarios don't quite seem like something that would make you actually break away from your focus on the m


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