By Joseph Luster Things have been moving along nicely for’s hugely successful massively-multiplayer online game World of Tanks. It was already doing plenty well on PC, but its recent arrival on Xbox 360 finally brought it to a hungry console audience. In addition to getting a chance to experience the same addictive tank-based action on 360, World of Tanks remains a free-to-play game, so there’s no reason not to download it and give it a shot if you’ve thus far been left out of the PC fun. The only catch is you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold account, but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who’s into multiplayer gaming enough to want to try World of Tanks in the first place. If that’s still an issue, there is a seven-day timed trial for all account holders. World of Tanks: Xbox 360 edition Published by Microsoft and developed by Wargaming West (formerly known as Day 1 Studios), World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition officially made its public debut in mid-February. This version was built specifically for Xbox 360, so there was plenty of care put into how it handles in its new home, including appropriately revamped controls. There’s also a new user interface and a matchmaking system that takes advantage of 360’s specific online features. In other words, it’s not too much of a pain to get online and get a game started. As is the case with any online game like World of Tanks, just because it’s out doesn’t mean what you see is simply what you ge


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