With her army under siege in Palmyra, Zenobia escaped, hoping to reach the Persians and broker an alliance, but was soon captured by the Romans. She is shown here before Emperor Aurelian, who planned for her to adorn his Triumph in Rome.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece, the cornerstone of Western civilization, was a northeastern Mediterranean society that flourished from the 12th century B.C. to approximately A.D. 600. Through the centuries, Ancient Greece was the cradle of Western thought and culture as the ideals of philosophy, medicine, mathematics, theater, democracy, and others were conceived and flourished at various times. Ancient Greece was also involved in numerous wars, both as city-states such Athens and Sparta vied for supremacy, and as foreign invaders sought to dominate the Peloponnese, the geographic peninsula that was its nexus.

Alexander of Macedonia goes to the ends of the Earth…

Ancient Greece

Alexander the Great in India

By Martin Leavitt

It was raining, raining with a force and intensity few had ever experienced. The Macedonian army was marching upstream near the northern banks of the Hydaspes River in India (now Pakistan), trying to reach a ford under the cloak of darkness. Read more

A unique chronicle of Greece’s long and proud military history from the classical age to modern times.

Ancient Greece

The Athens War Museum

By Peter Suciu

While not a major military power today, from the  time of the classical age through the Middle Ages, Greece was the center of several major military dynasties. Read more

Swift and agile, the Greek trireme was one of the most devastating warships of the ancient world.

Ancient Greece

The Greek Trireme

By Eric Niderost

The Greek trireme combined grace, speed, and maneuverability, and it was these qualities, together with its powerful bronze ram, that made it the most powerful warship of its day. Read more