WWII Quarterly

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WWII Quarterly

WWII Quarterly, the Hardcover Journal of the Second World War is printed in full vivid color on thick, luxurious paper. But as handsome as these editions are, it’s what’s inside each issue that will reward you the most. Each 100 page volume includes feature-length, in-depth articles that bring specific aspects of the war to life for you in ways very different from the same “war stories” or accounts found elsewhere. Our writers have been specifically recruited for their ability to bring you the real taste and feel of the battles, the strategies, the tactics, the weapons, and the technology that made it all happen.

For instance, why the Soviets launched a massive offensive in a secondary theater against little Finland in June 1944? WWII Quarterly fills you in on all the details and shows you how this conflict played an important role in the Allies plans for their Normandy landing. Then there’s … the abrupt halt of Patton’s Third Army’s lightning-fast march toward Hitler’s Third Reich in northeastern France. After racing 400 miles in less than one month’s time, the fabled general found himself mired in a morass of fuel shortages, flooded rivers and fresh panzer opposition.


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